Fish Cleaning Station

Fish Cleaning Station - Two Versions

EZ Dock Mid-Atlantic provides you two models of the Fish Cleaning Station (FCS) for use on EZ Dock System or wood docks that are easily mounted using standard EZ Dock connectors or for wood docks, brackets that can be mounted using standard lag or other bolts.

This frame is made of marine aluminum designed to withstand dockside weather conditions and marine use.

The FCS can be easily removed for those that wish to store accessories in the offseason as the legs can be removed from the brackets which remain on the dock. A single station kayak rack can be added to the FCS as the poles holding the table will also accept two arms for securing a kayak beneath the table with the bungee cord and hardware.

Small Fish Cleaning Station

The cutting board area is 18” X 44”.  A hose can be easily clamped to one leg for providing water to the cutting board.


Large Fish Cleaning Station

The large fish cleaning station is available with a 4-foot fish table. Also available is a shelf, a drawer and a hose bib with a spigot.

Also available is the same table with a sink bowl instead of the drawer in the middle. The sink bowl can also be located on either side of the table.

If your requirements are other than the dimensions and accessories are shown. We can make the table any size, with or without sinks, and also provide solar lighting and canopy.