Aluminum GatorVator™Boat Lift


Patented design (U.S. Patent 6,470,816) allows the motors to be placed on the shore side for easy maintenance and leveling from bow to stern for easy draining.


Ease of maintenance

Fits in narrow areas along the dock

Fits most pile configurations

33% Faster!

Less Cable!

Golden GatorVator™ Lift Design…

allows us to manufacture a boat lift without the use of an upper structure and only two spools to wind the cable.

This is the best boat lift design for many reasons: The GatorVator™ lift requires only two drive spools. They are 3-1/2" diameter and grooved for the longest cable life possible; the cables never wrap over the top of each other. These lifts have less cable than all other lifts with or without top beams; no electric wires run under the water and the lifting speed is 33% faster.

This design has eliminated the common objections of the top beam of a lift being unsightly and boarding a difficulty. This clean look and easy maintenance make it a sure winner. It is adaptable to boat houses, existing pilings, and other structures. The GatorVator™ is user and installer friendly!

Golden GatorVator™ Lift Capacities

2,000#, 4,000#, 7,000#, 10,000# and 14,000# The 2,000# and 4,000# capacity lifts are one motor, 3 piling lift setup with no upper beams. The 7,000#, 10,000# and 14,000# capacity lifts are 2 motors and are either a 3 piling or a 4 piling configuration.

Golden GatorVator™ Boat Lift Warranty

15 years on structural parts, 10 years on the Golden Sea-Drive™ Gear Reducer, 2 Years on all other parts. (see warranty statement for complete details).