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[img src=]93900Floating Dock Systems
EZ Dock Mid-Atlantic provides the #1 Floating Dock System for residential, government, commercial and industrial applications.<br />Click <a href="floating-dock-systems">here</a> to see details about this service.
[img src=]92030Dock Accessories
The list of accessories available from EZ Dock is extensive and allows you to get the most out of a floating dock system.<br />Click <a href="dock-accessories">here</a> to see details about this service.
[img src=]90810Bulkhead and Piling Services
EZ Dock Mid-Atlantic provides a team of professional for your bulkhead and piling requirements.<br />Click <a href="bulkhead-and-piling-services/">here</a> to see details about this service.
[img src=]90080Gangways and Fixed Piers
EZ Dock Mid-Atlantic provides aluminum gangways and fixed pier solutions.<br />Click <a href="gangways-and-fixed-piers">here</a> to see details about this service.
[img src=]89410Showroom
Our new headquarters and showroom is designed to educate and inform our customers regarding the advantages of using the EZ Dock System and services and includes our other marine and land products recreational products.<br />Click <a href="showroom">here</a> to see details about this service.
[img src=]89100Individual Consultations
Our staff has over 20 years business experience in the marine industry with a heavy focus on floating dock systems.<br />Click <a href="individual-consultations">here</a> to see details about this service.
[img src=]88910Site Visit and Drawings
Our approach to business includes site visits to your location, drawings, pictures and recommended options for a complete waterfront solution.<br />Click <a href="site-visit-and-drawings">here</a> to see details about this service.
[img src=]88640Installation Services
EZ Dock Mid-Atlantic's service vehicles and installation teams provide turn key solutions for customers large and small.<br />Click <a href="installation-services">here</a> to see details about this service.
[img src=]88270Annual Dock Services
Since EZ Dock is a life-time dock solution we offer extended warranty contracts which includes an annual maintenance with numerous services.<br />Click <a href="annual-dock-services">here</a> to see details about this service.