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[img src=]1780
[img src=]1690
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[img src=]1600
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[img src=]28940
A Floating Dock System for YMCA of Greater New York created with 5' X 10' dock sections anchored with pipes
[img src=]25700
The deep swim platform was created using two Hex docks and an 80" X 10' dock between with a swim ladder anchored with dead weights
[img src=]23690
EZ Dock system with boat slips and PWC Ports with an aluminum gangway to a fixed dock anchored with pipes
[img src=]22890
A lake installation using pipes to accommodate significant water level changes, a FloatStep swim ladder and a bench with a poly gangway to land
[img src=]21490
Floating dock system anchored with timber pilings in a salt water setting
[img src=]20570
EZ Port for a PWC with the EZ Dock hinge kit connected to a floating wood dock
[img src=]19800
Two EZ Ports for PWCs and a Jet Boat Port in the middle with docks anchored with pilings on a very rough body of salt water open bay
[img src=]19460
EZ Port 4s with winch attachment for Jet Boat storage raised out of the water
[img src=]18830
5' X 10' dock sections connected with an aluminum gangway from land and swim ladder anchored with two pipes and 2 heavy duty pipe brackets
[img src=]18490
Two boat slips covered with hard canopy, a bench and dock box anchored with pipes and pipe brackets
[img src=]18160
Two boat slips covered with hard canopy anchored with pipes
[img src=]17690
Four EZ Ports to store PWCs out of the water and a sliding board mounted on two 80" X 10' docks with a bench
[img src=]17370
Floating dock system with poly gangway from fixed dock to boat slip and PWC Ports with hard canopy anchored with pipes
[img src=]17130
5' X 10' dock sections for main dock with (2) 40" X 10' finger docks and cleats used to create boat slips anchored with pipes and pipe brackets with aluminum gangway to land
[img src=]16600
PWC docks in shallow water to the right of the main walkway with railings and hard cover boat slips anchored with pipes and pipe brackets
[img src=]16590
80" X 10' dock sections with dock boxes and "Frog Hooks" to anchor rental boats to the dock which eliminates the need for finger docks and dock lines<br />
[img src=]15880
Public boat rental dock for electric motor driven fishing boats. Battery charges in dock boxes for restoring power to batteries. System anchored with pipes and pipe brackets
[img src=]15780
Three EZ Ports for PWC storage, a Floatstep Swim ladder which removes itself from the water when not in use to prevent corrosion and marine growth, and surrounding docks
[img src=]15610
Fiberglass Frog Legs to connect boats to EZ Dock and eliminate finger docks and dock lines. Frog Hooks allow more boats to be stored in less space with fewer floating docks required. Boarding is done using the Frog Hooks.
[img src=]15440
Kayak Racks can be used to store two or four kayaks off the dock to reclaim live dock space
[img src=]15220
Slide rail is an alternative anchoring system for calm water - simply connect an aluminum I Beam to a seawall, piling or bulkhead and the dock system can travel to adjust to changes in water level.
[img src=]15170
Two EZ Ports with a 40" X 10' dock between and a 40" X 15' dock in front housing a FloatStep swim ladder. The entire EZ Dock system is hinged to a floating wood dock using the EZ Dock Hinge Kit.
[img src=]14880
The EZ Dock FloatStep ladder removes itself from the water automatically when not in use due to the float on the bottom of the ladder. Marine growth and corrosion are eliminated as the metal components remain out of the water except for when someone uses the ladder.
[img src=]14910
40" X 10' and 80" X 10' docks with an EZ Port anchored with timber pilings. Corner Gussets used where two different dock sizes join.
[img src=]15020
Two EZ Ports for PWC and inflatable with a Jet Boat on the roller dock. Utility channel used to house water and electric on the dock anchored with timber pilings and EZ Dock Piling Brackets.
[img src=]14570
Four EZ Ports for PWCs and kayaks with dock benches and dock boxes anchored with timber pilings and piling brackets.
[img src=]14350
Walkway between two wood floating docks
[img src=]14230
80" X 10' main dock walkway with 60" finger docks anchored with timber pilings. Corner gussets also used where dock sections join.
[img src=]13960
Docks, boat slips and PWC Ports
[img src=]14040
Two EZ Ports for PWCs and 40" docks in front and alongside hinged to a floating wood dock.
[img src=]13900
Floating dock anchored with pipes
[img src=]13670
Slide anchor articulating connection from dock to aluminum I Beam
[img src=]13660
Boat Slips on rough salt water installation anchored with piling brackets
[img src=]13580
[img src=]13360
[img src=]13190
[img src=]12990
[img src=]12820
[img src=]12770
[img src=]12740
[img src=]12850
[img src=]12750
[img src=]12350
[img src=]12200
[img src=]12080
[img src=]12110
[img src=]12160
[img src=]11930
[img src=]11750
[img src=]11640
[img src=]11530
[img src=]11610
[img src=]11480
[img src=]11390
For those customers who do not have room for side by side PWC docks EZ Dock offers an in-line storage version. This customer has two PWCs stored one behind the other separated with a removable bulkhead.
[img src=]11110
This customer has a boat and 3 PWCs which he wanted to store in one slip. The in-line configuration solved the problem.
[img src=]11190
Finger docks can be enhanced with docking wheels to assist when docking large boats. This 40" finger dock has two installed.
[img src=]11260
If you require an ADA certified kayak/canoe launch and dock system the EZ Launch can meet the requirements. Security curbing and a transfer station have been added to this EZ Launch installation to provide wheel chair access.
[img src=]11240
Any EZ Dock installation can have railings added on any or all sides. Several different styles are available as well as colors.
[img src=]11300
This dock configuration is anchored with Heavy Duty Stiff Arm attachments and makes use of corner gussets where finger docks create boat slips. The complete installation makes use of the 5' X 10' dock sections.
[img src=]11310
This customer wanted a kayak/canoe launch as well as two PWC docks.
[img src=]11360
The Transfer Station allows a removable shelf to assist entering and existing kayaks or canoes.