Mercer County Installation - Before Pictures

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This county marina in New Jersey provides residents two classes of rental boats - row boats, paddle boats and kayaks. The traditional wood floating docks were in need of replacement due to the age and the requirement of moving the dock system in the Fall and the Spring due to the freeze conditions on the lake. Timber pilings were used to secure the dock system.
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The public boat ramp is used by the public for launching boats (used for fishing with the restriction of electric motors only), kayaks, canoes and sailboats. The boat ramp had a gangway to a wood floating dock on the left of the ramp for use during launching and recovering boats.
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Octagon docks were used to join the main dock and finger docks anchored with timber pilings. Security curbing made of 2 X 4 lumber lined the edges of the dock.
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The dock decking was repaired in a number of places with sheets of plywood and metal in the last few years of the dock's life.
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A 50' gangway with composite decking provided the entrance to the floating dock system from a fixed pier from land.
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This wood dock secured to the shoreline was used for launching kayak rentals.