Mercer County Installation - After Pictures

[img src=]33210Picture of Mercer County Marina
Mercer County Marina decided to replace the existing wood floating dock system with the EZ Dock system and requested galvanized pipes for anchoring sleeved with PVC Pipe and Caps. Across the lake is a the Princeton National Rowing Association Boat House which is the practice site for the United States Olympic Rowing Team. Several regattas are held on this lake each year.
[img src=]3660050 ft. gangway at Mercer County Marina
The new 50' gangway and dock system are ADA Certified and a number of EZ Dock Accessories were added to the dock system to enhance the functionality of the marina. The EZ Dock system can remain in the water year round as ice has no affect on the dock system. One of the many cost savings with this system is eliminating the historical removal and installation of each year. A power wash in the Spring returns the docks to their original condition.
[img src=]35840Picture of EZ Docks and canopy
Visible in this picture is the 20' X 25' dock canopy with four benches, rescue ring stands, dock box and the ADA certified EZ Launch used for the kayak rental business, a stable dock and launching system designed for kayaks and canoes.
[img src=]35650Picture of security curbing
Composite Security Curbing is present on the entire dock system allowing wheel chair access. The flexible coupler system that connects each individual 5' X 10' dock section allows the entire system to move independently as the EZ Dock system is hurricane rated and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.
[img src=]34300
Pipe bracket, PVC sleeved galvanized pipe, Overhead Solar Light, FloatStep safety ladder, and Power/Water stand are visible in this picture on the right, all accessories available for the EZ Dock system and designed to add functionality to the complete system.
[img src=]33810
Rental Paddle Boats line the dock fingers and are secured to the security curbing.
[img src=]33500
Standing on a finger dock and looking toward the main dock landing you see two benches and the canopy system with a rescue ring and pipe bracket on the right.
[img src=]33250
Row Boats are also available for rent and the Marina maintains two power boats and a pontoon boat for use as required in managing the facility.
[img src=]33390
Looking toward the public boat ramp which has a run of EZ Dock sections a corner gusset is in the right hand corner with security curbing. This adds a degree of safety and stability between the main dock and finger docks.
[img src=]32950
Another picture of the boat ramp dock on the right and the EZ Launch for launching and recovering rental kayaks currently stores two kayaks in this picture.
[img src=]32770
Looking from the boat ramp which is on the left another EZ Launch is coupled to the side of the boat ramp dock provided for public access should you wish to use your own kayak or canoe. The low handrails provide easy docking and launching while remaining in the kayak or canoe through the use of a roller system. This platform provides a safe and stable approach to kayak and canoe activity.
[img src=]32660
Looking from the water to land you can see the boat ramp and just the top of the public EZ Launch system on the other side of the dock.
[img src=]32570
Close up of the power/water stand with hose bib.
[img src=]32420
Close up of the rescue ring stand.
[img src=]32230
Overhead solar lights are placed along the dock which charge all day and provide light all night. A motion sensor will double the intensity of the LED cluster of bulbs should motion be detected on the dock surface.
[img src=]32110
Close up of the canopy and benches at the bottom of the gangway entrance to the dock system
[img src=]31960
The EZ Launch installed for kayak rentals includes the Transfer Station providing wheel chair access to kayaking. This ADA Certified accessory is unique in the industry and adds a new dimension to providing access to either kayak or canoe activities.
[img src=]31760
Specifically designed for different kayaks the roller system is adjustable should requirements change in the future. The Transfer Station has two levels of seating that are extended by the user during boarding or leaving the kayak/canoe.
[img src=]31580
Instructions are provided for making use of the Transfer Station.