Case Studies - Saugerties

[img src=]56580EZ Docks assembled and floated into position
After a detailed investigation the Town of Saugerties, NY selected EZ Dock and had our installation team deliver and install the docks on the Hudson River. Easily assembled in the water the dock sections were connected and floated into position.<br />
[img src=]54980Anchoring solution
One Heavy Duty Adjustable piling bracket is used to secure the dock system in the water. The adjustable rollers allow any size piling to be used - wood, steel, etc.<br />
[img src=]5451070' x 5' EZ Docks
The dock is 70' long and 5' wide with an aluminum gangway transition<br />
[img src=]53650Both sides of the docks are useable
Two boats can launch or dock at one time using both sides of the floating dock system. The land end of the dock system is secured with two galvanized pipes and pipe brackets. Cleats line the edges of the docks for dock line use.<br />
[img src=]52660Fishing Docks
Just north of the boat ramp is the fishing docks anchored with two Heavy Duty adjustable piling brackets and an aluminum gangway from land.<br />
[img src=]52250Safety railings
Galvanized railings are used along all sides to provide another level of security.<br />
[img src=]52140Hurricane rated floating dock system
The dock uses (8) 80" X 10' dock sections coupled together with rubber couplers made from recycled car tires. The combination of the dock sections and couplers provide a hurricane rated floating dock solution.<br />
[img src=]51830Easy removal for winter
Due to the severe ice flows on the Hudson the dock systems are removed each Fall. The flexibility of the rubber coupler system allows the dock system to be removed with no damage to the dock sections or couplers. The weight of the EZ Dock system is a fraction of traditional wood or metal docks allowing easy removal and subsequent installation each year.<br />
[img src=]51250Later add-on from a satisfied customer
Just north of the fishing dock is another public boat ramp added three years later based on the positive experiences of the first two dock systems.<br />