Case Studies - Montgomery County

[img src=]52460Boat Rental application
Boat Rental Floating Dock System provided by EZ Dock Mid-Atlantic<br />
[img src=]50600Year round installation
Anchored with pipes and pipe brackets the docks remain on the lake year round
[img src=]50250Power accessible by utility channel and Dock Boxes
80" X 10' dock sections with Utility Channel added on the left side for power to the battery chargers which are in Dock Boxes
[img src=]49870Batteries to recharge electric motors
Exhaust fans installed in the dock boxes with battery chargers for the batteries used to power the rental boat electric outboard motors.<br />
[img src=]48760Frog Hooks for anchoring saves space
No dock fingers or dock lines are required to secure the boats to the EZ Dock System<br />
[img src=]48100Easy anchoring
The EZ Dock Frog Hooks attach each boat with two pins that can be removed easily<br />
[img src=]48230Lock pins
The pins lock the Frog Hooks into the rear of the Jon Boats<br />
[img src=]47820Frog Hook Materials
Frog Hooks are available in fiberglass, galvanized steel or marine aluminum<br />
[img src=]47850Empty docks
When boats are in use the Frog Hooks are simply left in a down position<br />