From Our Customers:


Seaside Heights, New Jersey - EZ Dock system - March 2013

An installation by one of our dealers, EZ Docks Unlimited, LLC

“Thanks so much. Your guys did a great job and they were really friendly. That is great positive PR for your company. I noticed that they also work very well as a team! They also explained a number of things about how the new system works and were quite informative.

Thanks again and have a great season.”

Larry Silber

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania - Public boat rental dock system - May 2009

“Thanks to you all for a painless install. I knew when I met you all that we would be pleased and satisfied with both the product and the company. We are receiving a lot of favorable comments.”

John B. Rossi, Facilities Project Manager

Mercer County Marina

“We replaced the entire marina which previously were wood docks with an EZ Dock system including the EZ Launch for kayaks and canoes. We no longer removed the docks in the winter and re-install in the Spring saving considerable maintenance costs as well as damage to the floating docks. The system is entirely ADA accessible and we have eliminated all maintenance and are experiencing a much more stable and floating dock system.”

Jeremy McDermott, West Windsor, NJ

Individual homeowner

“I replaced my wood floating dock system at my home in Ocean City over 10 years ago with EZ Dock. Not only has he dock been more stable it has required no maintenance. I eliminated 10 pilings that anchored my previous wood dock system and required only 2 pilings for EZ Dock. It is a great system with wonderful accessories, including docks for my personal water craft.”

Frank Lavalla, Ocean City, NJ

Blue Water Piling and Marine Construction

As a marine contractor it is much more economical to rely on EZ Dock for all floating dock requirements providing the customer a life time dock solution which requires no maintenance. The EZ Dock system has a very large collection of dock accessories which simply enhances the value and use of the docks – kayak racks, kayak launches, solar lighting, PWC Docks, Boat Docks, benches, etc.

Jake Musterel, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

YMCA of Greater NY

“Maintenance of our metal floating docks was causing major issues in our camp. Young campers were being cut and stitches were common. Every year we had to remove the docks before Winter and re-install them in the Spring. Not only was this very costly from a maintenance perspective, the docks were damaged in the process. EZ Dock remains in the water year round regardless of ice conditions. Since they only take 1" of water to float they simply pop to the top and sit on top of the ice, it does not matter if we get 3' of ice!”

YMCA of Greater NY, Huguenot, NY

Tuckahoe Inn

“Prior to installing EZ Dock we were constantly replacing docks due to the severe storm activity we experience on the open salt water bay. We tried different wood floating docks, plastic docks, etc. and nothing could withstand the weather conditions until we installed EZ Dock. After investigating various boat ramps on open salt water bays that experience the same severe weather conditions and watching them remain fully functional for 5 years, 10 years and more we decided to go with EZ Dock. We need stable and attractive docks as many of our customers dock their boats to visit our restaurant.”

Tuckahoe Inn, Tuckahoe, NJ

Individual homeowner

“We prefer the EZ Dock system since it requires no maintenance and lasts a life time - a simple power-wash in the Spring and the docks appear to be new again and ready for a new season of use. And the accessories - we love them - and each year add something as EZ Dock offers new accessories each year.”

Charles Morris, Mays Landing, NJ

Individual homeowner

“I purchased EZ Dock over 15 years ago and we continue to use the system today. We have had no issues with the dock system and they look as if they will last my life time. This year we are adding Frog Hooks to secure our boat to the EZ Dock system - a new accessory introduced in 2008. Our docks look as good today as they did when we purchased them many years ago.”

Ned Herchenbach, Libertyville, IL