EZ Dock in Storms

EZ Dock is advertised as a life time dock solution and Hurricane Sandy once again documented the validity of that marketing slogan. With the devastation of wood, metal and concrete floating docks after Sandy passed EZ Dock again demonstrated it was the “last dock standing” in case after case.

For the same reasons that wood boats are no longer provided by boat manufacturers, customers are moving to EZ Dock. The advantages of fiberglass (plastic) boats apply to polyethylene (plastic docks). Companies stopped making wooden boats years ago due to the advantages plastic boats of reduced maintenance, durability, strength, stability, safety and environmental issues. EZ Dock offers the same advantages for dock customers.

We have included some pictures taken after Hurricane Sandy which represent the two different worlds of traditional wood docks and EZ Dock installations. Please visit the rest of our web site for more information and if you have questions or need more information please contact us at 609-486-5193 or drop us a note at info@ezdockusa.com using email. We have established a rapid response service 6 days a week to assist those facing issues from the storm or anyone interested in changing to a life time dock solution from EZ Dock.

EZ Dock Mid-Atlantic
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Seaville, NJ 08230

Serving NJ, PA, NY, DE, MD and DC
The Largest EZ Dock Distributor in the World

For an explanation of why EZ Dock can withstand hurricane force weather conditions see video of the docks during storm conditions. The flexible coupler system allows the docks to move independently with the rolling water unlike large floating dock systems with rigid connection points. The thrashing of the dock sections fighting against each other is eliminated, much like a caterpillar moving on land the docks follow the contour of the water in 10 foot sections.

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